IECA Region One Awards


The mission of the IECA Awards program is to recognize outstanding achievements in the erosion and sediment control and stormwater industry.

Nomination Rules and Guidelines

Nominators: Only current IECA members may nominate an individual, organization, project, or program for an award.

Nominees: Please see award descriptions for who/what can be nominated. Only current IECA members may be nominated for an award.

Deadline: Nomination deadlines will be set each year by the Awards Committee. Deadlines are established each year to allow for promotion before the Annual Conference. Nominations are currently closed.

Process for Submittal: Nominations must be submitted electronically. Links to the nomination forms can be found under the Award Descriptions below. 

Content: The content of a proposal varies according to the specific award. Two categories of content have been established: mandatory content and optional content. For both mandatory and optional material, the IECA Awards Committee reserves the right to validate the content of any nomination proposal, to request supplementary information from the nominator or, independently, seek any supplementary information it deems necessary in their review process.

  • Mandatory Content - All nominations must contain an awards application with the completed contact information for the Nominator and Nominee and the mandatory content specified in each award category.
  • Optional Content - The nominator may include optional content highlighting the attributes of the individual/project to supplement the mandatory content. The optional content is the nominator's opportunity to "make the case" for the nomination proposal for the award.

Award Descriptions

Environmental Excellence
Sustained Contributor
Outstanding Professional
Three Under 30 Young Professionals
Four Under 40 Young Professionals
Sustained Partner

Past Award Winners

Partners for Excellence Chapter Awards

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